Been Looking for This

Found this list I made in Spring 2010. The heading is "Plan for Summer Tournaments," and it breaks down what I would need to compete in amateur golf tournaments, and the costs.


New Driver, $400
New 3-Wood, $250
New 18-Degree Hybrid, $180
Checking the lofts and lies on my irons, $75
Regripping my irons, $75
Two new wedges, $300


Three dozen ProV1 golf balls, $150
10 gloves, $100
New pair of FootJoys, $100
100 bags of range balls, $350


Weekly sessions for four months with Randy, my faithful instructor, $1000
Book stipend, $100
(I think Phil's Secrets of the Short Game had just come out. If anyone's looking for a Christmas present...)


Weekly skins games at the Pines, $500 (with, of course, the probability that I'd get some of that money back)
Six Men's Golf Association tournaments at the Pines, $240 (to keep my competitive juices flowing; and, again, with the hope of getting some of that money back)
Five events on the Moonlight Tour, $600 (no guarantees there--all for sake of experience)
Five other tournaments, $750 (these are the biggies like the Orlando City Amateur, The Pub Links qualifier, qualifier for the U.S. Amateur, etc. These are the tournaments where you play for pride and accomplishment alone.)

Total: $5,000. Which means, of course, that amateurs need sponsors (and they can't be wearin' no logos on their shirts), or to come from a rich family. Anyone want to help me make a run in 2011?

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