Hey folks--thanks for your patience as I transition my summer blogging over to HaneyontheTrain.com. But while you're here, please check out my Haney on the Train Indiegogo Campaign. I'm pretty proud of that promotional video, made with the help of Wil Oakes playing harmonica, shooting footage, and editing the video.

A few other things I've written have appeared around the interwebs, namely a few articles for the Capital City Villager, the bi-weekly, independent, free newspaper in Tallahassee where I did my editing internship. Check em' out:

Beautification is in the Eye of the Business Owner. About the Gaines Street Beautification Project here in Tallahassee and the mixed viewpoints on the city's handling of the project.
Putting on the Brakes, Part I. You'll have to open up the magazine (virtually, of course) and turn to pages 6-9 to find the first half of this long piece of immersion journalism I wrote about the politics of cycling in Tallahassee.
Putting on the Brakes, Part II. Again, open 'er up and turn to pages 4-5. (And check out those photos I snapped--cover and all.)
Oh yeah, and in this issue, on pages 12-14, in the Student Explorer's Guide. I wrote all those blurbs, too.